Product Sourcing

Promotional Product Sourcing - Advertising Lanyards


Having trouble finding the right item for your next big event? Look no further! The knowledgeable and resourceful staff at HAS Marketing will take the time to find the perfect product for your next event and save you money while doing it.


HAS Marketing has been sourcing promotional products for its clients for over 40 years. With decades of experience under our belt, sourcing promotional products has become our expertise. Our aim is to supply unique and interesting products that are relevant to your specific event or promotion. Let us make you look like a genius… Use HAS Marketing to help plan your next event or promotion.


Here is a list of some of the items we can provide: 

 Please check out our Suppliers Page and take a look at some of the well-known brands we carry.


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Trade Shows

Trade Show Promotional Products Toronto


With each coming year trade show booths are getting more elaborate and giveaways and promotional material are becoming an increasingly important factor in separating yourself from the competition.


If you have ever been involved with a trade show you know that organizing your booth can be a daunting task. You could spend days dealing with different suppliers and printers in order to find a decent promotional product or print service at a reasonable cost. Once you’ve managed to figure that out, you have to worry about coordinating shipping and storage of your merchandise. This can be a major hassle, extremely expensive, and total waste of your valuable time.


HAS Marketing can save you time and money, as we are a one-stop source for everything trade show related.


We can provide:

  • Promotional products
  • Employee uniforms
  • Print material
  • Custom Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Storage

For Businesses Outside Toronto: 
If you are outside of Toronto and require material for a trade show take advantage of our complete trade show service and contact us today. We can make your next trip to Toronto a breeze and save you big money on shipping and storage in the process.


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Election Programs

Election Buttons Toronto - Rob Ford for Mayor



The backbone of any successful election campaign is marketing and promotion. 


HAS Marketing can provide all your election merchandise at the lowest possible cost. Not only will we save you money, as Canada’s largest manufacturer of promotional buttons, we have decades of experience supplying promotional products for election campaigns.

What can HAS Marketing provide for your next election:

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Frosh Kits

Toronto Screen Printing - Frosh T-Shirts

Putting together Frosh Kits can take countless hours of planning, preparation, and kitting. HAS Marketing can take the headache out of Frosh and save your university or college thousands of dollars in the process.


Frosh Kit Items
At HAS Marketing we manufacture and print on many items that are used in Frosh Kits.


Items we manufacture, screen print, or digitally print in-house: 

We also can supply any other product you would like to put in your Frosh Kit. Here’s a list of some other items we have sourced in the past:

  • Toronto Screen Printing - Frosh T-Shirts
  • School Supplies

  • Health & Dental Toothbrush Kit

  • Hats or Visors

  • Carabineers and Key Chains

  • Frisbees and Boomerangs

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

  • Gillette Razors

  • Condom Matchbooks

Frosh T-Shirts
HAS Marketing operates a licensed in-house screen-printing operation, which means we can print your Frosh T-shirts at our facility in downtown Toronto. We can also print on other items such as laundry bags, tote bags, jumpsuits, or aprons.

Digital Printing
HAS Marketing operates one of largest digital printing facilities in Canada. We can print flyers, posters, pamphlets, student handbooks, calendars and any other item you may require for your frosh kit.

Seeing as HAS Marketing can supply all the items for your Frosh Kit it would only make sense for you to allow us to package your Kits. We have hundreds of unique packaging options to meet any budget or creative requirement.

Shipping and Storage
We have the warehousing capacity to hold and ship your items to multiple locations as you see fit. Save big money on storage and shipping by using HAS Marketing.


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Charities and NPO’s

Screen Printing Toronto - Terry Fox T-Shirts - HAS Marketing


At HAS we understand that many charities and NPO’s are under constrained budgets, so we offer charitable discounts rang

ing in the 10-15% range.


HAS Marketing is proud to have worked with hundreds of local and world-wide charities, and Non-Profit Organizations since its inception. With over 40 years experience working with charities and NPO's, the staff at HAS are unmatched in their ability to provide promotional product solutions to meet any budget for any sized organization. 


Charity Walks & Runs 
Over the years, HAS Marketing has become one of the leading suppliers of screen printed t-shirts and other promotional products for Charity Walks and Runs across the country. We have provided screen printed t-shirts for some the smallest and some of the largest charity walks in Canada. Whether it’s 100, 1000, 10,000, or 500,000 T- Shirts, our screen-printing team can meet any timeline and any budget.


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Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing and Fulfillment


HAS Marketing offers a warehousing, storage, fulfillment, distribution and kitting service. We provide our customers with customized services depending on their warehouse, warehouse and distribution and kitting needs.

Use HAS Marketing for your next direct mail, election, or full service marketing campaign. With the best quality service at the most competitive rates available, HAS Marketing should be your first choice for warehousing and fulfillment.


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Custom Manufacturing


At HAS Marketing we have been manufacturing promotional products for over 40 years. 

That being said, with 40 years experience comes a unique ability to create custom promotional products that are not listed as one of our featured products. If there is a custom promotional product you require that you cannot find elsewhere we will make it for you. 


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