Bullying.org - "Take the Pledge" Memo Board

Bullying is an issue all kids face at one time or another, but with the broader support of the community, Family Channel and www.bullying.org challenge kids acros Canada to "Take the Pledge" to take a stand against bullying.


"The Pledge" is an empowering statement that contains phrases like "I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do." and "I won't stand by, I will stand up."


As shown below, magnetic memo boards containing the words to The Pledge - perfect for school lockers or even the fridge at home! - are available for order here.


Specifications and pricing

5.5" wide by 8.5" long


minimum order

50-100 - $3.50 each

100-250 - $2.75 each

250-500 - $1.75 each

1000-2000 - $1.50 each

2000 or more - $1.25 each


Bullying Memo Board Product Image